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Weddings, Baptisms & Funerals

Jesus, God’s son, lived on earth and experienced our joys and our sorrows. He went to weddings and funerals, laughed and cried as we do, and died a painful death. Then he rose again to offer a new life to all who come to him. Therefore all of these ceremonies are really important to us. Please contact Reverend Peter Churcher if you would like to arrange a ceremony, or if you have any questions:

01271 855541

You can also find more information on the Church of England website



We believe that a wedding should be a really joyful occasion. When Jesus attended one he provided the equivalent of something like 900 bottles of wine! We don’t promise to do that for you, but will work with you to make your wedding a truly memorable occasion.

Getting married is a legal ceremony too, so there are some restrictions. However, please get in touch and we will do everything we can to help you.

Baptisms (or Christenings)

We baptize children, and adults who weren’t baptized as infants. All we ask is that we can spend a little time with you talking about what the important promises you (and the godparents) make in this wonderful ceremony.

We can also offer a service of Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child, which doesn’t involve making the same promises, but is also a very special event.



We know how painful it is when someone you love dies, and we want to do everything we can to help. Someone will arrange to come and see you as soon as possible after we are asked to take a funeral or memorial service. Whether you choose to have a service in church or at the crematorium, our wish is as far as possible to provide whatever you want, and to help you to grieve and find new hope for the future.